Employee Wellness: A Way Of Life

Product Description

As a public sector employee, being well is not only of vital importance to you and your family but also to the communities and constituents you serve. But, what does "being well" mean?

Employee Wellness: A Way Of Life explores the concept of wellness - the state of being at your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual best - and shows practical, every day steps employees can take towards attaining wellness.

Learning objectives:

What is Wellness?

  • How wellness and job performance is linked
  • Importance of being well physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
  • The bodies reaction to stress
  • High stress jobs in the public sector
  • Practical ways of reducing stress
Shift Work
  • Many public sector jobs come with evenings or an unstable schedule
  • What factors may disrupt getting enough rest
  • Role of proper diet and exercise in staying alert
  • Importance of being aware of how this schedule can affect your body and your mental state
  • Effect of diet on our overall well-being
  • What a proper diet should look like and how we can make healthy choices in and out of the home
  • Practical things we can do to improve our diets on a daily basis
  • Role of exercise in preventing injuries and illness
  • How to fit an exercise routine in to your daily schedule
  • Importance of getting enough sleep
  • How lack of sleep can lead to illness
  • Ways to make sleep a top priority

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